We ship products from USA to Kenya at an affordable fee. We have the best shipping services in Kenya. Ship Products from USA to Kenya through Rivpage.Com. We ship everything regardless of the weight of the product.

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This service is available to anyone in need of shipping product/s available in USA to the following countries: Kenya and Nigeria. The Shipping cost is a fixed rate of $14 per KG (We consider both actual weight and volumetric weight and charge whichever is higher) There is no restriction on weight requirement. Any weight is shipped to the specified destination. Products usually take 14 business days or less to arrive in Kenya and Nigeria. In case there is a delay resulting from unprecedented circumstances, you will be notified through the email and the updates on the expected delivery time will be updated.

Utilize the RivPage Shipping Calculator below to estimate the total cost of shipping your products from USA to the destination of your choice.

Your First Name Julius (Put your First name here)
Your Middle Name Kobil (Put your Middle name here)
Your Last Name Kenon (Put your Last name here)
Your Phone/Contact Information 0711 xxx xxx or 080xxxxxxx or 070xxxxxxxxx
Country Kenya or Nigeria
Street Address 814 N Silversmith Lane
City Newark
State Delaware
Zip Code 19702

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We make shopping fun, enjoyable and convenient to customers. You can shop products from USA biggest retail stores such as Amazon and Walmart and have them delivered to your doorstep. Shipping different and multiple packages can be very expensive. Through Rivpage consolidation process, we gather together all your products submitted in the quote(s), repackage them and ship them under one shipment. This save more than 75% on the shipping cost and the products are all delivered to your doorstep within a period of 14 days.