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We only allow sellers to sell products from quality controlled countries such as USA, UK, JAPAN, and GERMANY. RivPage Management will strictly not permit selling of Fake, Quality Compromised and Counterfeit products regardless of their cheap prices on its platform.

*This Table show Commision Rate based on Product Type & Category.

# Product Category Type of Products Commission Rate
1 Auto Parts Tires, Engines, Headlights 10%
2 Apparel Accessories Shoes, Wallets, Sunglasses and more 5%
3 House Hold appliances Security Camera, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, 7%
4 Books Novel, Non-fiction, Fiction, motivational books 5%
5 Arts and Crafts Special printing from USA, Ceramics sculpting, pottery 6%
6 Baby Products Strollers, Apparel, Health Safety Products 5%
7 Bags Luggage Women handbags, Wallets, Travel bags, Business Cases, Backpacks 6%
8 Camera, Photos and Accessories Camera, Lenses, and accessories 4%
9 Beauty Products Women beauty, Men beauty, skin care, fragrance, shaver 7%
10 Media and Entertainment Accessories Recorders, Microphones, computers, laptops 8%
11 Mobile Phones Accessories Cases, Samsung, iPhone, Cables, Speakers, 8%
12 Computers, Laptops, Tablets Desktop PCs, Laptops, Alexa, Monitors, Tablets, Notebooks 6%
13 Health Personal care Health and hygiene products, Vitamins 5%
14 DVD Videos DVD players, Greatest hits 5%
15 TVs, Audio Speakers Consumer electronics 6%
16 Home Living Carpets, Furniture, cookware 7%
17 Jewelry Earrings, Necklaces, men accessories Women accessories 6%
18 House improvement Lighting Portable generators, Power tools 8%
19 Motorcycles and Parts Parts and gears 7%
20 Musical Instruments Bluetooth speakers, Guitar, Piano 8%
21 Outdoor Garden Outdoor dealers, Grills and swimming pools parts 10%
22 Pet Foods Dog, Cat, Birds and supplies 8%
23 Open Box Computers, Mobile Phones, Printers 7%
24 Office Equipment Supplies Office furniture, Printers and gaming 8%
25 Sports, Equipment and Gym Sport Bikes, Gym Equipment 7%
26 Refurbished Phones iOS, Android 6%
27 Software PC games, Operating system, Business software 6%
28 Watches Women watches, Men watches 6%
29 Unlocked Phones Iphones, Android phones 8%
30 Toys Games Toys, Educational games 5%
31 Other Any category 5%
32 Fruits Apples, Avocadoes, and others 10%
33 Vegetables Cabbages, Spinach, Sukumawiki 9%


Rivpage promotes both local and international businesses by allowing vendors to sell on our platform. This enables your products to be viewed by millions of potential customers in Kenya, USA and Nigeria. This promotes your business by ensuring you have enough customers viewing and buying your products.

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