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Have you always desired to undertake your studies in the USA? If so, this is the right place for you. Many have always had the dream of furthering their education in the United States owing its quality and recognition worldwide. Having a USA college degree is one of the most sought after qualification by most employers both locally and internationally. However, this does not always come easy. It is a rough process that is vigorous and many end up giving up on the way owing the hustles to get one. For the lucky ones, it is never a guarantee that your stay in the USA will be smooth without through preparation.
Studying in the USA gives you professional growth in your desired career. Most of the people chose to go back to their countries to nurture and expand the knowledge and skills learnt abroad. Often this comes with pride and recognition from local job market.
The USA system of education favors those who have recently completed their form four education curriculum system in Kenya or those that want to further their research in associate, bachelor, first-professional, master, advanced intermediate, and research doctorate. Depending with their grade scored, they can opt to join their discipline of choice to undertake in an American college. One is required to make a thorough research regarding the course one would like to pursue abroad as well as the college they are due to join. For this case, RivPage USA gives a step by step guide on how to choose your preferred university of choice depending on location, type of institution, programs offered, majors e.t.c. The team verifies if your preferred institution of study is certified .You are as well able to learn about the experiences of studying in the U.S. as a foreign student.
RivPage International and its Affiliates DO NOT offer any scholarships to any students. What RivPage does is gives you professional guidance on how to best realize your dream of joining an American college .We do this by giving you a step by step guide on the requirements and how to go about it. You are therefore advised to find alternative sources of funding through personal funding for those who can afford, grants and donations from friends and family as well as local institutions and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).One is further encouraged apply for Exchange programs that are administered by the U.S. government at all levels and these provide technical assistance to qualified students.
In the USA, different colleges and universities have their own admission criteria and requirements. Make sure you acquaint yourself with the right channels to follow during the application process. This may include third party standardized tests which include the GRE, GMAT, SAT and ACT basic entrant tests. We bring these books upon order at a reasonable fee. These books are expensive in the local market. We save you cash by purchasing them with RivPage .We give you promotional discounts depending with the type and quantity of books ordered.
We bring them within 10-14 days upon order else we bring them for free. Kindly fill the form below to help us serve you better. In case of any clarification or queries kindly feel free to contact us through +1 302 2359992 or +254 721 121 869
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