How Rivpage Works

Shop Online in Kenya for Shoes, Women Clothing, Men Clothing, Women Jewelry, Hair, Makeup, Cosmetics, Pharmacy Products, Books, Baby Products, Toyota Parts, Beauty & Health Products, Latest Hollywood Movies, Latest Nollywood movies, Computers, Tablets ,Ipads, Electronics & Offices, Home, Furniture, Dining & Kitchen, Personal Care Products for Women & Men, Baby & Toddlers Products, Watches & Accessories for Women, Men Watches & Accessories, Women Engagement Rings, Men Fashion, Women Fashion, Men Jewelry, Musical Instruments & Accessories, Recording Equipment, Studio and Sound Equipment, DJ equipment, Stage Lighting and Accessories, Security Cameras, Singer Futura Sewing Machine, Singer Futura Autopunch, Singer Universal needles, Sewing Machine Parts & Accessories, Toys for Children, Bikes for Adults, Bikes fro Children, Dog Foods, Cat foods, TVs & DVD Players, Motorcycle Parts, Automotive Parts, Mitsubishi Car Parts, Toyota Engines, Toyota Tires, Import Cars from USA, Medical Equipment, Science and Research Equipment, and Lab Technology Equipment. Rivpage has the safest, fastest and most trust-able shipping and importing services from USA to Kenya. 

We are changing the way people in USA and Africa shop. We want you to enjoy the true value of your money by shopping Quality, Original & Authentic products directly from USA Stores and have them delivered to your doorstep in 10 days or less. We are the most convenient online platform in the World. We make shopping fun, enjoyable and convenient to customers. We are providing our customers with a wider variety of over 100 million products. You can now shop products from the USA biggest online and retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, ShopRite, EBay, BestBuy and have them delivered to your specific destination. Besides providing an opportunity for customers to buy authentic, high quality and affordable products from USA, we also allow other vendors to sell and advertise quality products on our platform both locally and internationally. Bearing in mind the nature of E-commerce and its future, RivPage online shopping platform allows anyone to shop at the comfort of their desk. The platform allows customers to browse millions of different products from the best stores in the USA and shop products of great quality at lower prices. Selling your products with Rivpage online platform eliminates the need of opening a physical local stall. This allows the vendors to maximize the profits by eliminating the cost and expenses involved in opening and running a physical store. Our Online platform allows vendors’ products to be viewed by millions of potential customers all over the world especially those located in the USA, therefore increasing the chances of selling your products both locally and abroad. We also offer fast, affordable and dependable shipping services for both local and international products. Rivpage.Com has stores like Amazon, Apple, EBay, BestBuy, Newegg, Walmart, Macy’s, Nordstrom, AutoZone, Golfsmith, GameStop and many more. We have the best categories such as Mobile phones & Accessories, Computers, Electronics & Offices, Books & Magazines, Home, Furniture & Garden, Clothing & Shoes, Jewelry & Shoes, Men, Women Fashion, Pets Food, Groceries & Households Care, Health & Beauty, Toys & Bikes, Automotive Parts & Tires, RivPage Pharmacy & Health, RivPage Property and many more.

Our Mission

“Our vision is to connect customers to over 100 million products from both local and international merchants by providing the most convenient E- Commerce platform where a customer can purchase any product and have them delivered at the doorstep by a click of a computer mouse”.

Our Core Values

Our aim is to provide the best services to our customers. We are very customer oriented and we are always imagining new ways to exceed the expectations placed on us by our customers is a home for innovators, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. We provide both large and small business owners with numerous opportunities to advertise and sell their products to infinite customers in the world.

Build for Excellency is always in relentless pursuit of excellence. We want to continue being at the forefront of e-commerce business in USA and Africa.

Our Company is the best place to find the cheapest, authentic and most valuable commodities in the market. We specialize in both local and foreign commodities. We offer vast online marketplace where people can discover, advertise, sell and purchase their products and services. We also offer shipping service that is fast and dependable.

Why use

Located in No Sales Tax State

We are in Delaware, which is a NO SALES TAX State. Utilizing our Buying and Shipping Service saves you huge amounts of money on your shopping. Most other states impose at least 7.25% ON SALES TAXSave Big with RivPage!!!

Shop Online Using your own credit card from any store in USA

You can now shop online from any USA retail stores using your own credit card and check out with our own Delaware shipping address. This will make sure we are able to receive your good/s and ship them to your destination/doorstep.

We can shop for you in case the USA online stores do not accept foreign credit cards

In case the USA online stores cannot accept your credit card we can shop for you and carry out all financial transactions on your behalf.

Most Retail Stores in the USA will not ship product to addresses outside USA

Most retail stores in the USA will not ship products to addresses outside the USA. provides a solution to this problem by buying the products on your behalf and safely shipping them to your destination within a period of 14 days. Shipping with us is very affordable compared to other shipping companies.

Use our Delaware Shipping address to shop with your own Credit Cards

We provide buying and shipping services to our customers. However, we do not limit our customers to this service only. You can purchase any products from any USA retail stores using your own credit card and use our US shipping address when checking out. Immediately we receive your goods, we will ship them to your destination.

We are very dependable and you can trust our services

Rivpage.Com complies with all the necessary custom fees payable on your products. We clear all the products shipped from USA on your behalf. We do not surprise our customers with additional fees except the one stipulated on the quotation.

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