How Rivpage Works

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Rivpage has the safest, fastest and most trust-able shipping and importing services from USA to Kenya.

Rivpage is the most popular online store in Kenya. We make shopping fun, enjoyable and convenient to customers. We are changing how people in the African Continent shop by providing them with a wider variety of products. Rivage customers will now be able to shop products from the USA biggest retail stores such as Amazon and Walmart and have them delivered at their specific destinations and doorsteps. You can trust and depend on our services Rivpage.Com is an online Store located in Newark, Delaware, USA. The company provides the following services:


Do you have products that you want to ship to Kenya from the USA? Many people often find themselves unable to find the right means to have their shopped items shipped back home in a convenient and reliable way. Worry no more. At RivPage, we give first hand consideration to those that want to ship their items back home. All you need to do is to ship your item(s) to our shipping address in 2523 Lamotte Street Wilmington Delaware 19802 USA

Rivpage will ship the sent items to your selected address in Kenya and Nigeria.

 Guidelines on how to ship products to our address:


Rivpage lets you shop across all USA major online stores and vendors at the comfort of your desk by a click of a mouse. This conveniently enables you to reach millions of products sold in the USA major stores. Most USA products are authentic and of high quality. They all come with original warranties valid for at least 90 days. Many retail stores and vendors won’t accept your credit card. However, this should not prevent you from shopping because at RivPage we shop any product on your behalf and ship it to your destination. You can rely on us as we have vast experience in shopping online and shipping the items to our customers in Kenya. We also provide local deliveries in both USA and Kenya. Follow the steps below to shop from your favorite USA online store.


Rivpage promotes both local and international businesses by allowing vendors to sell on our platform. This enables your products to be viewed by millions of potential customers in Kenya, USA and Nigeria. This promotes your business by ensuring you have enough customers viewing and buying your products Follow the few steps below to Sell on Rivpage:


Want your business connected to millions of potential customers out there? RivPage facilitates this service by advertising your products/services to a wide base of potential customers both locally and internationally. We advertise a wide range of consumer goods and services such as hotel industry, tourism, tours and events, real estate business etc. Follow the few steps below to Advertise on RivPage:

FAQS on Selling and advertising on rivpage

Who is a vendor?

The term refers to someone/company selling products/services on our platform with an aim of reaching out to more potential customers.

How does selling on Rivpage benefit my business?

At Rivpage, we connect you with millions of potential customers who can buy your products/services

What range of products and services can I sell or advertise on Rivpage?

We do not discriminate the range of products/services you can sell on our site. However, we do not allow vendors to sell any product or service prohibited by the laws of USA, Kenya or Nigeria. We allow wide range of products such as electrical and electronic products, shoes, jewelry, household goodsas well as services ranging from hotel industry, real estate business as well as hotel industry services and many more.

How do I sell the items online?

Scroll to the bottom of the platform and click SELL ON RIVPAGE. Fill the necessary information regarding to your product(s)/Service(s) in the form provided and submit it. We will get back to you within a period of less than 48 hours. Also, you can contact us through this email: 

Can I ship the products to RivPage offices/warehouses?

YES. You can ship the products you want to sell to our offices in Nairobi. Alternatively, you can choose to store them in our warehouse at a nominal fee. You can also arrange for a pick-up location by RivPage at a cost.

How do I get my cash as a vendor?

We usually submit payments to your appropriate bank account a week after the product has been delivered to the customer. We do this to make sure the customer is fully satisfied with the product/service(s) purchased through Rivpage. In case we receive complaints concerning a product or service, we usually review the complaints and if justifiable, we refund the money to the customer within a period of 5 working days. In some cases, the customer may not be required to return the product(s). Make sure all the products/services descriptions, images and videos are correct. Email to us through in case you notice any missing or incorrect information regarding to your products or services.

We are customer oriented company and usually strives to exceed the expectation placed on us by our dear customers.

We let our customers do all the talking. This is what Rivpageans are saying about RivPage International:

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