How to shop and buy on Rivpage?

Will electronic gadgets from the United States of America work in Kenya and Nigeria?

Yes, most electronic gadgets purchased from USA will work in other countries in the world such as Kenya and Nigeria because they are multi-voltage. Many countries in the world operate on 220/240 volts AC Power. USA and Canada operate on 110/125 volts AC Power. Most electronic gadgets that are manufactured today can automatically switch from 110/125 volts AC Power to 220/240 volts AC power and vice versa. In case you want to purchase a gadget that only complies with 110/125 volts AC Power, you will then need to buy a converter. This is not a big issue as converters are readily available at cheap and affordable prices in Kenya, Nigeria and USA.

How do I proceed through the check-out process?

Once you have finished adding items to your Shopping Cart, simply click the “Check Out” button on the Shopping Cart page which will guide you through the check-out process. If you are utilizing our buying and shipping service, you must submit your order and we will get back to you with a quotation within 24 hours. In case you want to utilize our shipping services, you must send your products to our address and will ship them immediately they are received

How long does it take for a customer to receive the ordered products?

Products usually take 14 days to be ready for a pickup or delivery to your doorstep.

Can you ship your products anywhere?

Yes! Currently we ship your item(s) from USA to Kenya and Nigeria. We clear the products on your behalf and all the clearance fees are included in your quotation

What methods of payment do we accept?

We accept all major American credit card brands such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal as well as MPESA, Airtel Money and Square Cash services from our customers. PayPal is the easiest way to make online payments. While checking out your order, you will be redirected to the PayPal website. Be sure to fill in the correct details for fast & hassle-free payment processing. After a successful PayPal payment, a payment receipt will automatically regenerate to Rivpage.com system for your order. It's fast, easy & secure.

How will I receive my order in Kenya?

Immediately your products get to our local office in Nairobi, a Rivpage representative will contact you and arrange on pickup or delivery. We offer free delivery around Nairobi, but any delivery destined for areas outside of Nairobi will be delivered through a cargo carrier at an extra cost. We deliver in major towns such as Nakuru, Kisumu, Nyeri, Mombasa, and many other towns.

How will I receive my order in Nigeria?

Immediately your products get to our local office in Lagos, a Rivpage representative will contact you and arrange on pickup or delivery.

Can I pay using PayPal without a PayPal account?

Yes! It is commonly misunderstood that a PayPal account is needed in order to make payments through PayPal. You DO NOT need an account to make payment through PayPal, although we strongly recommend you sign up to enjoy the added ease of use.

By using PayPal, we can process & deliver your orders to you in a short time. PayPal is the easiest & most secure way to make payment online. No account needed. For more information click here

How will I receive my order in Nigeria?

Immediately your products get to our local office in Lagos, a Rivpage representative will contact you and arrange on pickup or delivery.

How do I cancel an order or return an item?

E-mail us at customerservice@rivpage.com with the order number of the item you wish to cancel. We will follow up on the same by giving you a call and direct you on how and where to return the item(s). Goods ordered through another entity other than Rivpage.Com will be returned at a certain fee per item. To get full refund, you must ship the item with your receipt to the address given depending on your locality and a Rivpage officer will collect the item(s) on your behalf.

Please include in the shipment your personal information you used to make the order. This include your full names, cell phone number, email address as well as an alternative phone number in case the first one does not work.

Our policy typically is that, for domestic returns, the customer pays the cost of shipping back to us, but we'll refund the cost of shipping that we originally charged to the customer’s account. This is to help streamline the process and avoid having to exchange money for refunding items. Broken item(s) that have violated our return policy terms are however not considered for any refund. For more details and info regarding in store returns, see our website.

If I used Rivpage shipping Address when shopping online from any USA online or retail store, how will I know that Rivpage has received my product?

Immediately we receive your product we will send you an emailing notification informing you that we have received your products. In the email, the total charges for delivering your product and ways to make payment on Rivpage will be included. Immediately the payment is received, Rivpage will ship your product and you should receive them within a period of 14 days.

How do I apply a promotional code to my order?

Check Rivpage platform on daily basis for free coupons and big deals of the day available on different online and retail stores in the United States of America, Kenya and Nigeria

How safe is my personal information?

Our site uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt all personal information sent during the check-out process. For more information on how we secure and use your information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

How long does it take for my order to reach me?

For US local vendors, ground service is used to ship things to customers in the USA and can take up to 7 business days depending on the delivery address. In Kenya and Nigeria, local carriers are used to deliver products from the local vendors to their destinations in a period of 5-7 Business Days. For those in Kenya and Nigeria, the average delivery time is 14 days for products ordered or shipped from USA retail and online stores.

Kindly note that delivery dates are not guaranteed in the event of service interruptions or failures caused by events beyond the control of RIVPAGE.COM. These interruptions include, but are not limited to, natural disaster.

Delivery delays due to service interruptions or inclement weather conditions are not the responsibility of RIVPAGE.com or the carrier.

Will mobile phones from USA online and retail stores work in Kenya & Nigeria?

Yes. Cellphones bought from USA online and retail stores will work in Kenya and Nigeria but they must be unlocked GSM Cellphones. Locked cellphones however will not work in Kenya and Nigeria. When browsing through our platform and other online stores in the USA, be sure to buy only Unlocked GSM or Factory Refurbished Unlocked GSM Cellphones. How do I know if an item is in stock?

All items are in stock unless indicated "Out of stock". In case items are out of stock, we will inform you by email and offer you a refund or alternative availability delivery date.

Which browser should I use to view your site?

We highly recommend that you browse our platform with the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

Is Rivpage.Com discreet about the products that its users order?

Yes. We do not disclose or share information pertaining to your order with anyone. We value your privacy and we do everything possible to protect information about your order.

Do I need to install special software to shop online?

You must enable JavaScript to purchase items on our site. For specific instructions, please select your browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Apple Safari. We also recommend you install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Does your site install cookies?

How do I enable cookies in my browser?

For specific instructions on how to enable cookies, please select your browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or Apple Safari

Can I track my order?

Yes, at Rivpage, we value how product(s) reaches our customers. As such, we have a system that tracks down your order(s).

Are my orders safe?

Yes. Safety is our number one priority. You can trust on us to deliver your products at your door step with no compromise.

Are my goods insured?

Yes. All good(s) are insured at a cost 10% the value of your good(s).It is always safe to include insurance in your product(s)in case something goes wrong on the process of shipping, we can always replace your good(s). This rarely happens but we do not take anything to chances and that why insurance is our number one safety concern. However, this is optional and you can either choose to include insurance or not.

Do I have to pay in advance before receiving an order for goods ordered form USA??

Yes. Payment must be made in full before your order can be processed and shipped to your destination.

Do I have to pay for local deliveries in advance?

No. You have the option to either pay in advance prior to receiving your good(s) or opt to pay upon deliver. For those that chose to pay upon delivery, kindly ensure you have enough cash in your MPESA, AIRTEL MONEY to avoid inconveniences. In Nigeria, we do not do local deliveries and all good must be picked from our warehouse in Lagos.

What does subscribing to our newsletter mean?

If you happen to subscribe to our newsletter via your selected email, this means that you’ll be able to receive special offers from time to time such as shopping vouchers and coupons that will allow you to shop products at cheaper prices.

Can I make money with Rivpage?

Yes. Rivpage allows you to make more cash from your business by connecting you to millions of customers in Kenya, Nigeria and USA.We advertise and sell goods/services on your behalf. Through Rivpage your products/services get to be viewed by millions of potential customers.

How do I sell on rivpage?

Scroll to the bottom of the platform and click on SELL ON RIVPAGE. Fill the necessary information about your products/services and submit to Rivpage. We will get back to you within 48 hours. You can also email us through customerservice@rivpage.comin case you have any question.

How can I advertise with Rivpage?

Go to the bottom of the platform and click on ADVERTISE WITH RIVPAGE. Fill the necessary information about your products/services and submit to Rivpage. We will get back to you within 48 hours. You can email us through: customerservice@rivpage.comin case you have any question.

What if I forget my Rivpage password?

If by any chance you forget your login password, just click on the section with ’forgot my password’ and information on how to retrieve your password will be sent directly to your email.

How will my order be confirmed?

Your order will be confirmed upon the receipt of your payment. We will send you an email with details of your product(s) and the delivery date.

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